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The West Of Mauritius - Full Day excursion

Visit the west coast with Casela

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Medine Sugar mill
Visit rum distilling of the Medine Sugar mill. You will monitor the manufacturing process of local rum. You will be able to buy bottles of rhums

The market of Quatre bornes

 The famous market of Quatre bornes is folkrorik and not expensive. Surely not the ideal place to find gret brands clothing. But it is in such places that the Mauritians make their shopping. Ideal to have a contact with the people. 

The Casela Bird Park lies in the Black River Gorges area of Mauritius. It is a major bio diversity hotspot and is rich in varied flora and fauna. The Park is spread over an area of 20 acres. The Casela Baird Park is probably the most famous for the rare Mauritian pink pigeons, though there are around 120 other bird species at the Park.

The vegetation at the Park includes small "yej" trees, as well as seasonal orchids that find an ideal growth environment in the humid, cool climes of the Casela Bird Park. As to the avian life, one might find birds from all over the world at this Park. Apart from the Pink Pigeon, you may also come across kites, kingfishers, orioles, mynahs, bustards and many other kinds of birds. The ponds dotting the Park are a haven for tortoises, fish and many waterbirds that live off the fish. Don't forget to visit the many small streams and waterfalls cascading from the hilly crevices. The Casela Bird Sanctuary is also home to animals like tigers, lemurs, macaques and many kinds of lizards and geckos.

The lush palm trees, the many kinds of tropical plants that are a nesting place for the birds also add to the charms of the Park. With so many bird species from all over the world nesting and breeding in a single spot, Casela is obviously an ornithologist's delight. This however, does not imply that the non-expert cannot visit this paradise on earth and learn about all the wonders of nature.

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