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Port Louis. The vibrant capital of the island

Port Louis has many places of interest : the main ones being the Chinatown, the Place d'Armes, the Citadelle, the modern Caudan waterfront and the museums.

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Port Louis
It is the capital and only port of the island. In the eighteenth century, Port Louis was a naval base and an important trading port. Old prints show the port with commercial vessel, pirates fast vessels leagues, light frigates. Port Louis the capital is buzzing with activity with its shopping, its crowded, its progress, its monuments, mosques, temples, pagodas and cathedrals. Maurienne. The ancient and modern, the "skyscraper", the mall Caudan contrast with the colonial-style buildings. Visit the Blue Penny Historical and Art Museum, to complete this encounter with Mauritius and its history

The Citadel
It is an ancient fortress overlooking the city and harbor. In colonial times it was used to prevent fires that were evident within the city. You will enjoy magnificent views of the city of Port Louis.
Overlooking Port Louis, the capital, perched at 500 feet high on a hill called "Little Mountain", with its immense walls of black stone, the Citadel is visible from afar and thereby constitutes one of the landscapes more familiar with the city.
Formerly English fort designated to monitor the capital, she was now in prison, then concert hall and outdoor national museum will soon.

Central Market
The Central Market of Port Louis, Mauritius also called by the "Grand Bazaar" is a landmark for all those who visit Mauritius. This souk is usually the appointment of Mauritius in search of scents and colors. You're welcome.
It includes everything from crafts, vegetables, teas and dealers of spices, butchers, fishmongers, small trinkets, souvenirs ...
You can then find your happiness.

Caudan Waterfront
Facing the harbor, the heart of Port-Louis, the capital, the Caudan Waterfront is a must, living, tourism and culture. His sixty shops offer a varied shopping. It is also the rendezvous of artists, gourmet break, a family recreation area or a marina that welcomes travelers

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